We’re making history in Romanian IT – and not only – since 1996.

SoftNet Group has a rich history of innovation and successful ventures since its foundation in 1996. Here are some key milestones is SoftNet’s history:


SoftNet Services is founded.

The first company of the group, SoftNet Services, has been the incubator for new business ideas and continues to provide management and consulting services for IT businesses not only within the group but also beyond it.



SoftNet Development & Consulting (SDC) is launched.

SoftNet Development&Consulting (SDC): SDC emerged as a major player in the B2B software market, developing customized software products and IT&C applications for local and international customers.

With a highly skilled team of around 50 people, SDC served the finance, energy, and government sectors and established partnerships with global IT companies, including becoming the first IBM Premier Software Business Partner in Romania. SDC was acquired by a strategic partner in 2006 in a transaction widely covered in the business press.


eServGlobal is created.

SoftNet Group spun off eServGlobal Telecom Romania (eSGTR) as a joint venture equally owned by SoftNet and eServGlobal, a software company specializing in mobile money platforms for telecommunication operators.

With a team of nearly 100 professionals at its peak, eSGTR provided software development, architecture, project management, and support services to clients across Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. SoftNet exited this partnership in 2022.


K2 Alpha is launched

SoftNet Group is launching K2 Alpha, a joint venture in partnership with K2 Mobility, a UK-based absolute leader in corporate mobility. This new venture represents another exciting chapter in SoftNet Group’s commitment to innovation and business excellence. K2 Alpha is starting operations in 2023 and seeks for rapid growth, assembling a team of up to 30 engineers in a first phase.

As SoftNet Group continues to evolve and expand, we remain dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions and services to our clients and partners. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from SoftNet Group!