The team

The vision of our founder, Dr. Vasile Baltac, is deeply ingrained in our group’s history. One of the key pillars of realizing this vision was assembling and maintaining a team of skilled professionals who share our values, shape our direction, and contribute to the enduring legacy of SoftNet.

Our management team is composed of dedicated professionals who understand the importance of Dr. Baltac’s vision and work tirelessly to bring it to life. With their expertise and commitment, they play a pivotal role in guiding our company’s growth and success.

We invite you to meet our SoftNet management team – instrumental in shaping our company’s future and ensuring we continue to deliver exceptional services and solutions to our valued clients. Together, we are committed to upholding SoftNet’s legacy of excellence and innovation in the technology industry.

Dr. Vasile

Founding President

Dr. Vasile Baltac, a veteran of the Romanian information technology industry and a respected academic leader in the field, is the esteemed founder of SoftNet Group. A distinguished university professor, Dr. Baltac continues to play an active role in guiding the group’s strategic initiatives and decision-making processes.

With a wealth of experience in IT, Dr. Baltac’s visionary leadership has been instrumental in shaping the success of SoftNet Group. His unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has positioned the group as a prominent player in the technology landscape.

Dr. Baltac’s continued involvement in SoftNet Group underscores his passion and dedication to driving the company’s growth and success. His strategic insights and visionary leadership continue to inspire our team to achieve new heights of excellence in delivering cutting-edge IT solutions and services to our valued clients.


Managing Director

An enthusiastic entrepreneur, Bogdan Baltac is nowadays the driving force behind SoftNet Group, overseeing all its activities as well as being managing director of other businesses across various industries. His diverse business interests include trading of professional automotive and rail maintenance equipment (Novatech), luxury and corporate travel (RTW), yacht charter brokerage (YachCharters), real-estate development, and management consulting.

Bogdan holds a degree in Computer Science from the Polytechnical Institute of Bucharest, and he is also an MBA graduate from the Owen GSM at Vanderbilt University. With over 20 years of experience in business management and company administration, he brings a broad and versatile skill set to his role at SoftNet Group.

In addition to his business acumen, Bogdan is also a passionate traveler with a special interest in yachting. His well-rounded expertise and unwavering dedication to excellence continue to drive the success of SoftNet Group and its diverse portfolio of businesses.


Financial Director

With over a decade of experience as the Financial Director of SoftNet Group, Lavinia Crăciun has played a pivotal role in the company’s financial success. Her tenure at SoftNet has been marked by her relentless commitment to continuous learning and improvement in her role, as she navigates the challenges posed by the group’s complex activities alongside her dedicated team.

Lavinia’s expertise in financial management has been instrumental in driving the financial strategies and operations of SoftNet Group. Her long-standing tenure with the company speaks to her deep-rooted dedication and valuable contributions to the organization’s financial stability and growth.


HR Director

With extensive experience in complex business operations and talent management, Mircea Mateescu brings a wealth of expertise to his role as the HR Director at SoftNet Group. His background includes a diverse range of national and international business operations design and setup, and he is well-versed in navigating multicultural environments.

Mircea’s strategic leadership and deep understanding of HR best practices have been instrumental in driving the success of SoftNet Group’s core and HR business functions. His focus on achieving financial and operational success while fostering a positive and inclusive work environment has earned him a reputation as a seasoned veteran in the field.